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Hear from some happy teachers

Jean Greyson

PPFRS are a fantastic servcie offering loads of support and help for teachers of K-12. I use them all the the time to think of fun activities and learning games for my students and they never disappoint!

Mel Grimes

I am a teach for K-12 and I often struggle to come up with new and different ideas for my students. PPFRS are great as they helped me to make exciting lesson plans that are really interactive!

Liam Freight

Whenever I need to shake things up a bit and change my lesson plans for K-12 I always go to PPFRS. They have a wealth of really great worksheets, game ideas and online activities for teachers! 

As a teacher it is so important that your students are engaged and learning from you. All you want is to provide them with a great learning experience and then wave them off when they take to the next stage of their lives, knowing that you made a difference and that you have helped them to become their future brilliant self!

Going in as a teacher to start with you will probably have a wealth of information not only from your training and your schools resources but you will also probably be given a lot of material from friends who are also in the education industry. Your first year of teaching is normally packed full of your own ideas and then variations of those ideas for the next few lessons and you may think that the creativity and inspiration will last forever! For some people it does, and hats off to them because thinking up new lessons plans over and over again without them getting boring is definitely a skill. Others however, are not so lucky. Once you have taught a class every module, then taught the next class those same modules, and then another class you can be left feeling rather uninspired. That is why PPFRS are the bet place for teachers to gain some inspiration!

PPFRS provide a wealth of resources for teachers to help them to make their classes more fun, exciting, memorable and of course influential! We know that children don’t always learn from sitting with their head in a textbook, unless they are Matilda of course! Children like to be kept active and involved so all of our resources are based around interaction and fun learning!



We have hundreds of printable worksheets for you to use in your class. Whatever module you are working on during K-12 we have a worksheet to match. Whether they are reading passages, grammar tests, quizzes or word searches; we have an amazing variation of worksheets to keep your class active and engaged. You can print them all off and give them to each student or even put them up on the projector so that they can work through the worksheets as a class. 



We have hundreds of games for you to try with your students including word bingo, spot the difference, which spelling and so many more!



We provide images, text and even audio and visual clips for students to experience. We then provide a fab range of questions and discussion topics for them to go through individually or as part of a team.


Lesson plans

We can help you to plan your entire lesson. For each module we have a lesson plan, which comes with associated worksheets, instructions, attachments and more. We also included the time each activity should take and the type of interaction that they should involve, e.g. student to student, teacher to student, individual etc.



You could always join our teacher forums and get in touch with loads of other teachers out there. Share experiences and ideas and make some new friends too!